Actor Services

Our actor services are designed to get you ready to compete in the field. Without professional headshots and reels, you simply do not stand a chance out there. Casting websites like Actor’s Access and L.A. Casting send hundreds, sometimes thousands of actors to a casting director in a web page for a single audition. If your materials aren’t great, how could you possibly stand out and get noticed? Email us to book an appointment.


Our actors’ headshots are not just pictures. They are your first audition and we shoot them with that in mind. Without a great, professional headshot, you cannot compete in this business. When you walk into a casting director’s office, that’s your first callback. Your headshot is your first auditionyour calling card.
PACKAGE 1 – One look – $149.00 or $135.00 if you pay cash. (You come makeup and hair ready)
PACKAGE 2 – Three looks – $299.00 or $275.00 if you pay cash. (You come makeup and hair ready)
PACKAGE 3 – Five looks – $399.00 or $375.00 if you pay cash. (You come makeup and hair ready)
PACKAGE 4 – Five looks with make-up artist   $525 or $499.00 if you pay cash.
Add makeup and hair artist for your shoot – $125 (for any package)
We give a 10% discount on all services to actors registered with our workshops. We offer a discount also for paying in cash.
(Note: Professionals, especially kids, should get new headshots twice a year. The casting directors want you to look exactly as you do in your pictures.)


If needed, we can help you prepare your professional acting résumé to the industry standard. You can then update it yourself and save money. $50

Our reels are professionally produced on HD cameras in our studio, then professionally edited and mixed to the highest quality. We will do our best to make you your best on camera for those casting directors that will see you.

ONE SCENE – $299.00 or $275.00  if you pay cash. (Two actors – each additional actor add $50)
Example: three actor scene $349.00 or $375.00 if you pay cash.
Four actor scene $399.00 or $375.00 if you pay cash.  (This is a good way to cut costs for multiple actors)
Deluxe Package – $499.00 or $465.00 if you pay cash. (One comedy, one drama and one commercial or hosting scene.) If you have no reel, this package gives you what you need to truly compete in the market.

ABOUT REELS: We can tell you first hand from producing our own films, if you are an actor without quality reels that show your strengths, you stand little chance of being cast. Director Darren Dowler says, “I really won’t consider someone for a role who has no reel. It needs to be professional, 2 minutes or less (comedy, drama and commercial) and up to date. They really should have one for each category they are pursuing. Comedy, drama, commercial and even hosting. Reels are more important than headshots these days. My casting directors rarely select actors for an audition if they don’t have a reel. There are simply too many great actors who have them and that saves us time and money. If you haven’t worked on a show yet, then have a reel produced. Whether from a major network show or produced independently, if I can see you act, you stand 100 times the chance of getting called into audition for the part. Invest in your craft and represent yourself professioanlly or you are wasting your time and money.”


$499.00 or $475.00 if you pay cash. (Includes 5 pages: Home, Resume, Picturesup to fifteen, Reelsup to four 2 minute reels, Contact). If you need us to, we’ll optimize your pictures and reels for best web viewing. We will add social media buttons that link to your pages.


Social media is the way people connect today and its no different for actors. We will set up a complete social media package for you which includes Twitter, Facebook,  LinkedIn and Instagram. We set up the pages, add graphics and your information for you and you’re ready to go. We will also set up more social media sites if you wish (additional charge). You can then update the pages yourself.
Social Media package 1 (includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram)  $99.00.
Each additional social site $20.00


Have a big audition? Or did you land that job and want your coach on set so you know you’ll perform your best? Schedule permitting, Darren can be on set with you.
Private in studio audition session  $50.00 per hour (Less than our normal rate because we know you are trying to make money. Bring your audition material with you.)
On location audition coaching  $150.00 for two hour slot (includes drive time)
On set during production coaching  $75.00 per hour (5 hour minimum, includes drive time)

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